Ways to keep kids’ toys from taking over your home

Ways to keep kids toys from taking over your home

Any parent will know it’s only a matter of time before toys start making their way into every corner of the house when you have a young family.

It can sometimes be easier said than done to get your kids to keep their toys organised, but here are a few things you can do to help keep the mess under control.


If your kids’ toys are threatening to take over you home, it might be time for a spring clean!

Regular declutters of your children’s toys will help prevent too much build-up. Sort through and donate any old toys that are no longer played with, and throw out anything broken beyond repair.

You could also store away a portion of toys where they can’t be easily accessed, and then do a switchover every few months. Rotating toys will make it feel like your children are getting new things and prevent them from getting bored too easily. It will also save you from having to constantly buy new toys.

Discourage gifted toys

While it may seem harsh, discouraging an influx of new toys to your home can help prevent them from taking over.

Parents often end up with piles of toys in the house due to gifts from friends and family. Ask friends and family not to gift your children with excessive toys, especially around birthdays and Christmas. Instead, you could encourage experience gifts.

Limiting the number of toys coming into your home will help you stay in control of the mess.

Storage baskets

Storage baskets provide an easy way to hide away toys and make an area look tidier. And they can easily be placed throughout the home.

Using storage baskets gives toys a designated spot in every room, and it can be easier than carting everything back to the bedroom. You could also designate certain storage baskets for certain toys to keep them organised and easier to find.

As well as being practical, storage baskets can add style to the space. Choose designs that blend seamlessly with your home decor, from wicker baskets to clear plastic tubs. 

Choose toys carefully

Think more carefully about the toys you buy, and choose toys that create less mess.

Toys such as playdough or colouring pens can wreak havoc on a home, so if your child does have these toys, limit their use to a particular room so you don’t end up with stray pieces of playdough all over the house. The same goes for toys such as Lego, or anything with multiple pieces. 

Have set tidying days

Mess builds up over time, so don’t leave it too long before cleaning up toys.

Having a set time or day for tidying up toys will make it easier to keep on top of it. You could set aside 20 minutes a day for tidying up toys or have a big tidy every Sunday, depending on which suits you better.

Tidying up is generally not a fun activity for kids, so make a game out of it or create a reward system to get them involved.

Consider storage needs when buying a new home

As house and land packages in south-east Melbourne become a popular option for families, considerations about the suitability of a home for children is often front of mind.

If you’re looking to buy a new home, you might want to look for those with a good amount of storage space. This will ensure you have room to put away your children’s toys.

Display homes in Cranbourne will allow you to explore various home designs and find one best suited to a family with children.

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