Things to know before you buy a house and land package

Things to know before you buy a house and land package

You don't need to have visited Clyde North display homes to see that house and land packages are a popular trend right now. One of the biggest advantages of these packages is acquiring both the block and home in one purchase. 

Many Australian home buyers find a house and land package to be one of the least stressful and less complicated ways to purchase a house. However, you will have some important considerations regardless of what stage you are in with the purchasing process.


Regular house and land packages vs turnkey packages

House and land packages are often available in two options: regular and turnkey. Each option has advantages to suit buyers in different circumstances. Both options put you within easier reach of getting the home of your dreams. These packages vary in the way they’re purchased and constructed.

Regular house and land packages consist of buying the land, then building a house. Construction loans are the main form of financing for most of these properties. It is possible for financing for the land and the house to be paid in instalments for different building stages.

Turnkey packages have homes that are ready for you to move into. The contracts for the house and land are essentially bundled into one package. Many Australians enjoy this method of buying a new house because it’s easier to predict exactly when they’re allowed to move in. 


Area infrastructure

The local infrastructure matters with house and land packages. Especially when easy freeway and public transport access is a priority. Many people choose home locations specifically with access to their work location in mind. The less time it takes for you to travel to work, the better your work-life balance is likely to be.

Having all the utilities, like the Internet, water, gas, and electricity already connected eliminates a lot of hassle. When you move into your new house, you'll be able to enjoy everything that makes your home great straight away. One of the biggest advantages for people having new homes constructed by far is having a place to live that is ready for a quick move-in.

Being close to schools is an important factor for residents like Clyde North house and land buyers who have children. Having shops close by helps you save time regardless of whether you're buying a load of groceries or treating yourself to a special shopping trip. Having quick access to medical facilities in your local area should also be high on your priority list.


Construction timeline

You'll need to pay close attention to the timeline to your house and land package construction. After all, your schedule for moving in will largely depend on the date the house ends up completed. Knowing when the house will be ready gives you time to sort out things that need to be taken care of with your current house or apartment.

For the best results, get the details about the construction timeline in writing. The timeline should highlight dates for the completion of specific areas of the house, as well as walk-through and construction dates. The weather might impact some of the construction dates, so you'll need to be aware of how this might affect you.


House and land packages available in Clyde North

House and land packages offer one of the most convenient ways for buyers to enjoy homes that have everything they need. Clyde North currently has titled land available, so that you can get started with the home of your choice in less time. 

Visit the New Bloom website to learn more about our house and land packages and available titled home sites. Learn more about the design features of these new homes as well as where you can find our Clyde North display homes for a guided tour.