The future of Clyde North

The future of Clyde North

As Clyde North continues to grow, you may be wondering what’s next? The future of Clyde North looks bright with more exciting developments underway. The New Bloom is the latest property development that offers a great number of Clyde North house and land packages. As new property developments get greenlit in the area, local governments and councils are starting to recognise the need for more supporting infrastructure. 

It’s an exciting time for young families and couples looking to purchase property in an area with massive growth potential. The construction of new kindergartens and schools are already confirmed. Open park areas are also being designed and constructed to facilitate the recreational needs of locals. So don’t be surprised if you find dozens of areas perfect for family picnics and BBQs. 

Recognising the need for better public transport in the area, the labour government has promised to commit millions to the planning of a new rail link in the area. New transport options are just one of the reasons why residents will enjoy a better work-life balance in Clyde North in the not too distant future. 


A booming population

  • The population will grow to 12,116 by 2026

  • Number of households will rise to 1,944 by 2021

  • By 2026, families will account for 44% of all households

With an annual growth rate of 38.55%, Clyde North’s population is set to boom over the next five years. This growth is thanks to exciting property developments like the New Bloom, which continues to attract new residents. 

Another interesting takeaway about the future of Clyde North is where the demand for new housing is coming from. In surrounding areas to the west, you have significant interest from families and couples in the suburbs such as Dandenong, Keysborough, and Rowville. These suburbs were developed in the 1970s and 1980s. The children who grew up in these areas are now the families and couples looking to move into Clyde North today. 

Maturing families in Berwick, Beaconsfield, and Narre Warren South are also expected to generate demand for housing in Clyde North. It’s predicted that children from these suburbs will mature and seek housing in surrounding suburbs. As the nearby CIty of Greater Dandenong continues to attract overseas migrants, a large portion of these residents is likely to settle into the City of Casey in the following decades. 


New developments for transport and education

In December 2017, the Andrews Labor Government announced several new infrastructure projects to develop Clyde and Clyde North further. Among the projects announced was a new fire station to improve incident response times for local residents. Projects like these have been announced to facilitate the area's growing population further.

As part of the Victorian Labor party's re-election promise, train lines from Dandenong Cranbourne will be duplicated. This new project for the train lines will keep trains running more regularly with services expected to run every ten minutes during peak times. Labor has also promised to begin planning for a new rail link to Clyde. With a new train station in Clyde, residents of Clyde North can expect easier access to the Melbourne CBD⁠—a must for anyone who commutes towards the city every day for work.

Young families moving to Clyde North will also rejoice in the news of new community facilities for education. Two primary schools are already in development and will feature co-located kindergartens. A new secondary school is also set to be established in the area which complements nearby options that include St Francis Xavier College and Hillcrest Christian College. 

Several TAFEs and universities are also situated within proximity to Clyde North. Monash University, Berwick Technical Education Centre, and Chisholminstitute of TAFE are just some of the options that will continue to provide higher education options to local residents.


Sports and recreation facilities

Clyde North is set to be a haven for open spaces full of greenery and recreation areas. Located next to Cardinia creek, you’ll find an open space reserve that connects to the neighbouring Ti-tree creek and wetlands network. Planned open spaces like these will function as perfect recreation areas for local families. 

Running along the open spaces and creeks of Clyde North, you'll find several trails. These trails are perfect for exploring all the natural sights of the area. So if you're an active individual who loves going for a morning walk or run, you'll have plenty of miles to explore. In addition to promoting recreation, the open spaces of Clyde North are also designed to improve wildlife habitats and encourage biodiversity. 

Located in the central neighbourhood activity centre will be a multipurpose community centre. This local community centre will serve as a hub for community events in the area. Meeting rooms and function spaces are just two of the features the whole community of Clyde North can enjoy when the community centre is complete. 

Five Squared property developments in Clyde North

If Clyde North sounds like the perfect fit for you, don't hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Five Squared. For over 50 years, Five Squared has developed property in several Melbourne suburbs that have transformed into thriving communities today. 

If you're part of a family or a couple looking for an area with plenty of growth potential, Clyde North is set to thrive. Are you looking to build on your property portfolio? As the local population continues to boom, purchasing property in Clyde North may prove to be a fantastic investment opportunity. 

Visit the New Bloom website to see what exciting new property developments are underway for Clyde North. You’ll find a great number of modern house and land packages available today.