How to work from home with a toddler

Working with happy toddlers

Working from home with kids can be challenging. Usually, in the workplace, home life is separate from personal life. However, when working from home, it can be easy to let the two blend together, especially if you're working from home with kids! Today we'll share some tips to help make working from home with a toddler a bit easier.

Create a Functional Space

The first step in setting yourself up for success to work from home with a toddler is setting up a space that is functional for both you and your child. One idea is to make an office space that has enough room for your toddler to play while you work. The Berwick display homes feature office spaces that are big enough for a desk and a pack and playpen so your child can be safe and content while you work.

Another option would be to use the living area as your workspace. This can make it difficult to separate work and home life, but it is an option if you are staying home with your toddler and don't have a home office. If you choose to use the living area as a workspace, make sure that you tuck your work materials away at the end of your workday so you are not tempted to work when you should be having quality family time with your toddler.

Establish a Good Schedule

This will vary depending on you and your toddler's schedule. You may find that you get the most work done during nap time. If this is the case, don't stress yourself with the thought of trying to work and entertain your toddler at the same time. Divide your schedule into the time you will spend with your toddler while they are awake and time you will spend working while your toddler is asleep. The children's rooms are close to the home office in the Clyde north display homes that you may tour on your hunt for a new home.

Schedule Breaks

An essential part of a good schedule is including breaks! This means that you will likely have to pencil in breaks in your workday that you may not have had when you were working in an office. While it may feel inefficient, breaks in your workday will help you and your toddler in the long run. You'll, of course, want to schedule breaks for meals and snacks, but also some breaks to give your brain time to rest. This may mean quiet time with your child before they take a nap or simply reading a book with them. Putting these breaks in your schedule will ensure that the valuable time with your toddler is not overlooked when your workload becomes heavy.

Get Creative With Activities

To keep your toddler entertained while you work, you may need to get creative! Instead of reaching for the toys that they usually play with, think about hands-on activities that will also keep their minds busy. Set your child up with a large piece of paper and crayons and let them draw their heart out. This is a great activity that they can complete at the table with you while you work. The Berwick waters master plan includes room for a spacious dining room table and kitchen island where your child can colour to their heart's desire.

Take Your Work Outside

When things in the house get boring, a change of scenery may be required. You can easily set your toddler up outside for some fun activities while you work. This will allow you both to get some fresh air and time out in the sun. Some fun activities that you can easily monitor while you work include drawing with chalk and playing outside in the sandbox. When looking at display homes in Cranbourne you'll want to take a look at the yard size to make sure that you and your family have plenty of room for your outdoor activities!

When thinking about house and land packages Berwick waters, it is important to think about if you will need a specific space where you can work from home. When working from home with a toddler, you may need a little more space. Even if you are not looking for larger homes, you should look for spaces that can be used for multiple purposes, such as working from home! These are important things to keep in mind as you embark on the journey to find your perfect home.