How to create your ultimate outdoor alfresco dining area

How to create your ultimate outdoor alfresco dining area2

Outdoor entertaining is a favourite Australian pastime, especially as the weather warms up. When looking at house and land packages in south-east Melbourne, outdoor space is often a big consideration for many homebuyers.

From backyard barbeques to the Christmas day feast, the summer period has many Australians moving their meals to the outdoors. To create the ultimate outdoor alfresco dining area, you want a space that is easy to maintain and functions seamlessly with the rest of your backyard.

Here are some tips for creating the perfect outdoor dining area.



Furniture is essential for outdoor dining. There are numerous options when it comes to outdoor furniture so it may depend on your needs as to the size and style you choose.

You will want an outdoor setting big enough to fit not only your guests, but tables for food and drink too. Consider buying extra chairs if you have somewhere to store them to cater for additional guests.

Look for durable and easy to clean outdoor furniture that will still look good after being exposed to the elements for long periods of time.

You can choose outdoor furniture to match the interior decor of your home, or treat your outdoor space as it’s own room, with its own style. When visiting display homes in Clyde North, take inspiration from the interior style to create your ultimate outdoor style.



Sufficient outdoor lighting is crucial for alfresco dining, especially if you’re planning to eat outside in the evening.

There are many options for outdoor lighting, from overhead lights that can be attached to your home’s exterior, or garden lights you can spread throughout your backyard. It depends on your preference, budget, and the level of visibility you want.

While lighting serves a functional purpose it also helps create ambience and add style to the area. Fairy lights and candles are an easy and affordable way to create soft mood lighting.


Shade & shelter

Protection from the Australian sun is a must-have for outdoor spaces. If your home already has a sheltered outdoor area, make sure to place your dining set-up there. This will protect you from the sun and reduce glare, keeping you cooler in the summer.

If you don’t have a shaded area, you can invest in an outdoor awning or purchase a standing umbrella. It may depend on the space itself as to whether investing in an awning or a shade will suit the space.

Setting up alfresco dining under a shaded area also provides shelter for entertaining on rainy afternoons and prevents the need for you to suddenly move the feast indoors. Weather can change in an instant, so having a sheltered outdoor area will reduce disruption and keep you comfortable no matter the weather.

Shade coverage can also provide additional privacy for your outdoor dining area.



For the ultimate outdoor alfresco dining area, you need an inviting atmosphere that will have you and your guests excited to eat outdoors.

Add soft furnishings such as cushions and throw blankets to make the area more comfortable and add some style. Look for materials that are easy to clean and durable. Having throw blankets on hand can also come in handy when it cools down and you’re not quite ready to go inside.

Table decorations add a touch of personality to your outdoor space. Use items like lanterns, candles and plants to add interest. Adding personality to your outdoor alfresco dining area will help make the space more inviting. You can match the style to your home’s interior or have a bit of fun and try something different.

Outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and heaters will create a cosy atmosphere allowing friends and family to enjoy outdoor meals, no matter the season. An outdoor speaker can also help create a fun atmosphere, especially when entertaining.

Whether you visit our display homes in Cranbourne, or house and land in Berwick, the team at Bloom Property can help you find a home with the perfect outdoor space.