How much living space does a person need?

How much living space does a person need

Do you ever compare the size of someone else’s home and wish you had more? It may surprise you to know that most Australians don’t live in the four-bedroom, two-bathroom setup that many of us dream of. In recent times it may seem like new houses and apartments are getting smaller but they still don’t make up the majority of the houses in Australia yet. 

As new housing designs become smaller, you may be wondering just how much living space does a person need? Preferences for living space can vary depending on an individual’s lifestyle needs. A single student’s needs can be very different from that of a family or elderly couple. 

Statistics agencies and government departments can show us exact numbers around living space requirements for the average Australian. Thankfully, we’ve done a lot of the number crunching for you! So if you’re curious to find the answer on how much living space the average Australian needs, read on to find out.


Australian standards and guidelines

For exact measurements on how much living space you need, there are some fantastic resources available from the Australian government. You can find valuable information from government departments such as the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). 

Government departments calculate living space guidelines after thorough research. So you can rest assured they’ve taken many factors into account from the economic climate, land releases for house and land packages, and modern living requirements of the average Australian. 

Compare the living space requirements around the world, and you’ll find another excuse to call Australia “the lucky country”. If you compare data from 2009, Australia had the highest average floor space per capita with 89m². In comparison, the United States wasn’t far behind at 77m², while Canada was 72m². Countries such as Japan and Spain were as low as 35m²!

You’ll find specific building guidelines across different states of Australia. Below are the Victorian guidelines for fully enclosed and covered areas for one to five-bedroom houses and units:

Bedroom count

Minimum space required per person
One bedroom 50m²
Two bedroom 75m² to 80m²

Three bedroom

87m² to 92m²
Four bedroom 105m² to 110m²
Five bedroom approx. 125m²


How many bedrooms?

While there are no real guidelines on how many bedrooms the average Australian needs per house, there are numbers which show what the average demand is. Demographic websites like .id are great public resources for community profiles. Data from their 2016 reports show that three-bedroom homes were the most common across Australia, making up 38.8% across all types of dwellings.

Back in 2016, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that the average floor size of a new three-bedroom house was 175m². By late 2019, the average floor size for all Australian home types reached 186.3 square metres. Going by these numbers, you’ll find the average requirement per person is still relatively the same as the figures from the Victorian guidelines we mentioned earlier. 


New options from Aussie property developers

Does all this data on living space make you feel better about your current living situation? As we mentioned earlier, sometimes it’s your lifestyle that really determines what amount of living space you need. If you live close to the city, you probably rely more on public transport without the need for a car or garage to store it. If you’re retired and have less energy to maintain a house, then it’s likely you’ll want fewer bedrooms to deal with. 

With strict standards and guidelines for living space, property developers are finding new and innovative ways to design houses that suit your lifestyle. New house and land packages are designed to accommodate the needs of families, couples, and individuals. Property developers also consider the neighbourhood amenities from parklands to community centres and access to public transport. 

New houses from property developers can show you fresh and innovative ways to make the most of the living space you have. Look at house and land package designs by Melbourne property developer, Five Squared, for inspiration. Their Clyde North house and land packages feature plenty of space for young families to grow. Discover FIve Squared’s spacious range of three and four-bedroom house designs with large kitchens and living room areas the whole family will enjoy. 

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