How a custom-built home can be considered a catalyst for your child’s future success

custom built home for kids

Now more than ever, we are seeing a shift in the aspirations of would-be homeowners. Land to build the dream home from the ground up is becoming increasingly more desirable than an existing house for sale in Clyde North.

Home renovations have long been popular among homeowners as the way to customise a house to their needs. Whether it’s adding an extension or upgrading the bathroom or kitchen, generally renovations aim to improve functionality or aesthetics to create the ideal home for your family.

But many Australians are taking it a step further, and are looking to start from scratch with custom-built homes to ensure the future success and happiness of their family from the ground up.


A custom-built home has many benefits 

A custom-built home allows you to completely personalise the space. From choosing your favourite building materials, flooring, lighting and appliances, to designing the layout of each room, a custom-built home offers complete freedom. 

When designing your own home you can think about the future needs of a growing family, and perhaps look to choose more hard-wearing materials that will stand the test of time. You want a home that your family can be free to really live in, without having to worry about regularly replacing furnishings or fixtures. 

A home should have the space for your family to live and grow, so you may want to think about adding extra rooms or play areas, or ensure that you have a big yard for your children to enjoy. You might also keep in mind designing a home that can grow with your family and allow for expansion later on. 

You can also create a custom-built home that is environmentally friendly, by including eco-friendly features, such as solar panels or water-saving, modern appliances to boost the energy efficiency of your home and lower your carbon footprint. 


Your forever home

One of the most common reasons for families moving is they outgrow their current home. Ideally, when designing a custom-built home it is with the mindset of it being your forever home and never having to uproot your family and move again in the future. 

Especially for younger families, custom homes promote a future-focused mindset. Building your forever home allows security in knowing you won’t have that disruption in your children’s future.


Thinking towards the future

Whether you already have children or are planning for them in years to come, a custom-built home allows you to think about the changes you can make now to support your family into the future. 

There might be features about a home that won’t matter with small children, but will become important when they’re teenagers. How does a retreat or games room where they can hang out or have friends over sound? As they get older they will need to have a quiet space to study and work on school projects, so you might think about including a separate study or a quiet nook with a built-in desk.

Custom built homes allow you not just to create a design that suits your current needs, but also to think about what will be useful, and necessary, for your family’s future. 

The team at Bloom can help you explore the latest land release Berwick has to offer and help you with designing a custom-built home that your family will love.